The History of Freemasonry

Freemasonry is very old. The true origins of the Craft will likely remain a mystery forever. As we go back in time, centuries to millennia for Freemasonry, we begin to loose documented history. It was not until 1598/1599 that early Masonic Lodges (Scotland) were required to keep minutes of meetings and thus gave us an early insight into the Craft and there activities.

As we descend deeper into the history of Masonry we find illiteracy ever deepening. Reading and writing were not a necessity nor taught to a working Craft. By 1,000 AD almost no one could read or write save for the Church. Indeed the oldest Masonic document, The Halliwell Manuscript of 1390 AD was thought to have been transcribed by a Catholic Priest from an earlier work. The original work likely lost forever.

What follows is taken from a pamphlet that was prepared to accompany the annual installation of officers of Kingman Lodge No. 22. As such and do to its size constraints it is very condensed. The History begins in Medieval England and Scotland, finds its way into the New World and the American Revolution, Travels West in the 1800s to Arizona and finally arrives at Kingman Lodge No. 22. It is not scholarly work and lacks source references which needs to be addressed. It is presented as information only but is hoped the reader finds it educational.